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Like the Rising of the Sun…

Awakened like the rising of the sun,
That which never was, finally has begun.
Awakened like the dawning of day,
My sweet love sings, never to go away.
A new sound like the call of a bird,
My spirit sobs at the beauty of your word.

Earth is man, and man will soon become Earth,
We were meant to be, long before birth.
Our names written in the great sands of time,
Eternally bound, your hand in mine.
Forever together, never to part,
Bodies divided, but bound at the heart.

Your soft touch, like the glow of the moon,
Brings forth my heart, from its dark cocoon.
And in your eyes, your live shines forth,
More than the stars, your glance is worth.
And every word brings forth the fire
Within my veins, the brink of desire.

To grow old in your arms, only with you
That is my dream, it is all I want to do.
When sands of time have finally run short
My spirit will fly. The gods, my escort.
And I will save a seat, for you at my side
Eternity awaits, only for us to abide.

Now let us rejoice, in all that is new
Time is our friend, as oceans are blue.
All the strength in our bodies reside
Only in love, does my spirit confide.
Let us be merry, and laugh, and rejoice,
Only in love, do we find our voice.




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