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Consummating your Marriage the Morning After your Wedding Night

Traditionally, the groom sweeps the bride up into his arms and carries her over the threshold to consummate the wedding ceremony directly after the festivities. The traditional post wedding consummation is a beautiful tradition for those couples who are spending their first night close by their reception.

What happens, though, when you are traveling straight after the reception, plain exhausted, or perhaps suffering from brewer's droop? There can be a great deal of pressure on both the bride and groom directly after the wedding ceremony. Logistically, sometimes it can be impossible to consummate the marriage straight away due to traveling arrangements. This should be a special romantic event and, in an ideal world, there would not be time constraints to meet planes or be on the road to your honeymoon destination.

Some brides and grooms are deliberately choosing to wait until the morning after the ceremony to consummate their weddings. There can be many benefits to this. After a good night's sleep, everyone is feeling much more energetic. The stress of the day before is all forgotten and the couple will be much more relaxed. Any headaches from stress, noise, or alcohol will have vanished with a good night's sleep.

There are many ways to make the morning after consummation just as romantic as the night before. A little planning will take romance to new levels. The morning after consummation will also ensure there is plenty of time, and nothing has to be rushed. This also allows for leisurely, romantic pampering that you may have been too exhausted to think of the night before.

Here are some ideas to make the morning consummation just as special and romantic as one that is straight after the reception:


Room Service

Order a fantastic breakfast picnic complete with candles and champagne. Be sure to specify the time you would like it to arrive. Incorporate the picnic and champagne into your seduction plans. Enquire in advance as to whether the room service has a special breakfast menu for newlyweds. Include your partner's favorites and possibly foods that are easy to feed to each other.

Some couples may prefer to skip the room service. In this case, be sure to hang out the 'Do Not Disturb' sign.


Black Out Curtains

Black out curtains can be used to great effect for adding a bit of evening ambiance if that is what you prefer. When you schedule your accommodation, you may wish to ask about their curtains. Pack some beautiful scented candles to add to the darkened atmosphere. Soft bedside lamps are also very gentle on the eyes and a lot less harsh than the glaring morning sun.


The Bathroom

Taking a shower or bubble bath together in the morning can be a great way to wake up and feel nice and refreshed. Pack plenty of bath supplies in your suitcase of your favorite product and scents to make it even more special. Light some candles in the bathroom and turn out those harsh overhead lights. By the time you venture out of the bathroom you will be very clean and nicely warmed up.



Pack an extra set of romantic honeymoon lingerie so you can pop on a fresh set for the morning. Your husband will not believe his luck at seeing you in 2 sets of bridal lingerie! Perhaps you could have 2 totally different looks to add a little variety.

Honeymoon Lingerie



Take along your favorite romantic music to help set the scene and block out any daytime noise. Ensure that your hotel, B&B, or resort cabin has a sound system or pack a tiny portable one of your own in your luggage. Burn a disc of all your favorite songs, or those that have special sentimental memories. This could become your wedding anniversary CD, and you could continue to play it every year.

Quick Search for your Favorite Music:



The bride traditionally throws her bouquet away after the reception. A nice touch here would be for the groom to have flowers delivered to the room to create a more romantic setting. Perhaps in the same colors or themes as the reception? Perhaps in more bridal tones of cream or white. Or perhaps traditional red roses.


I Love You Gifts

The morning after can be a great time for the giving of wedding or honeymoon gifts. Bracelets, earrings, or necklaces are all great choices for the bride as she can leave them on in bed. Being sober will make the memories less hazy and therefore remembered in the years to come.


Late Check Out

If you only have the hotel room for the one night, try and arrange a late check out. This will ensure that you can spend a leisurely morning in your suite without having to keep one eye on the clock. In this case, definitely put out that 'Do Not Disturb' sign the night before so that you do not experience any inconvenient interruptions.



More time on your hands for your consummation means that you can give each other lovely long massages. Take along your favorite massage oils to heighten the level of romance.



Consummating your marriage in the morning after the wedding ceremony can be a practical alternative for the time challenged couple. Due to every individual's own thoughts on their wedding night, this is a topic which should probably be discussed well in advance. Some brides and grooms may have very strict preconceived ideas as to how their wedding night is going to proceed.

Talking about this aspect of the wedding in advance would be wise. No one wants to start their marriage off with one person being bitterly disappointed.  If consummating your wedding in the morning sounds like the alternative for you, discuss all the possible options for romance with your partner. Between the two of you, you should be able to think of some fantastic ideas.

Don't let the stress of the wedding ceremony impact on your first time as a married couple. The wedding consummation holds a cherished place in most married couple's memories. A romantic setting, a good night's sleep, and plenty of time to spare can be a great alternative for some bridal couples. Having your first intimacy in the morning can be the solution to tricky timing, exhaustion, genuine headaches, and travel arrangements for some bridal couples.






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