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To Be Ready or Not,
That is the Question

Hey guys, we all know that we shouldn’t feel pressured, not even on the wedding night, but we all do, and that is not the only time we feel the need to “perform”. She always says not, that there is no pressure and we shouldn’t worry, but that just makes her noble and us her humble servants. Well not quite, but even so, we know what she wants, and that is a passion and a connection which will cement your relationship. So what can we do to ensure success?

There are differing opinions on this count. Some advise abstinence, especially if you are not exactly strangers. I agree with this to a point but not regarding self-abstinence. Abstinence between the couple right before the wedding night will certainly heighten the excitement, but there is something to be said for priming the pump too. After all, on this most important night, you do not want to leave her at the starting gate when you cross the finish line if you can help it. Remember, most women consider their wedding day to be one of the most special days in her life, so put her pleasure first.  You’ll have a whole lifetime of lovemaking together, so try to make the wedding night about pleasing her first, letting her know just how much she means to you.

There are some things that will increase your staying power, and total abstinence is not one of them. If anything it will make it more difficult for you because the excitement will push you that much harder.

Without being too explicit here, if you are feeling very sexually charged in anticipation of your wedding night and have some concerns about staying power,  consider a bit of ‘alone time’ beforehand so that you can pace yourself as you bring your lovely bride to the point of highest delicious expectation before you allow yourself to relax and enjoy.

A few little notes about increasing her pleasure might include a gentle massage with fine perfumed oil. Take your time and enjoy exploring her curves. Use her favorite scents. Remember that she is not made of china and use a firm touch, though not rough, and keep a nice rhythm. Some background music can help here. Other things to remember are things like talking. Believe it or not, many women really get excited when you talk. Talk about her, how you see her. What is special about her and about her body. Try just saying some of what you think as you explore her body. Remember also, that she will likely do to you what she believes will bring pleasure. That is your key to what she likes. If she nibbles your earlobes, then pay attention, and reciprocate. Finally, listen to her, what ever she says and especially any involuntary little clues to what she is feeling.

When you have both sailed away into the blue and fallen gently back to earth, remember not to roll over and start snoring. Hey, this is important, guys.  Think: cuddle time. You were careful to include plenty of foreplay, so now is the time for afterplay and maybe even replay. Who knows? She may want to talk or just snuggle, and no matter how exhausted you may be, it is important after making love to follow her lead, whether that is chatting or just cuddling. The important thing is that she knows you are paying attention.  This is your opportunity to complete the perfect wedding day by telling her that you are madly in love with her and that you are the luckiest man in the world to have her as your wife.




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