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Seven Sizzling Ideas for
Adventurous Honeymooners

Couples often fill their honeymoon with activities like snorkeling and sailing, but few take that same adventurous spirit into the bedroom. What’s the point of having adrenaline-packed days if your nights are filled with boring missionary sex? Spice it up with these seven sizzling ideas for adventurous honeymooners:

  1. Try some role playing. Try spicing things up with a little role-playing. One way to do this is to pack some costumes in your suitcases so that your honeymoon nights can be filled with fun. What costumes should you buy? That’s up to you and your new spouse! If you have a naughty nurse fantasy, spend some time playing patient and doctor. If you like submission play, buy a dominatrix outfit. Often, it is easier to get in the mood when you’re in a new location, so even if you can’t get into role-playing at home, it might be easier and more fun to pretend when you’re on vacation.
  1. Wear your wedding garb during sex. Sex while wearing the wedding dress can be extremely sexy for one reason – it is taboo. The white, pristine dress shouldn’t be “dirtied” by something like sex! Using it during bedroom play while on your honeymoon can be extremely erotic. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll have to pack the dress if you’re planning to bring it along, and if your or your bride’s dress is fairly big, it could mean packing an entire suitcase just for the lace and frills. Another option is to just take along your wedding slip, undergarments, veil, and heels instead.
  1. Sex on the balcony. If your wedding suite has a balcony, why not try having some fun under the stars? Of course, this doesn’t work if your balcony is immediately next to the balcony of the rooms next to you or if it overlooks a high traffic area. However, if your balcony is semi-secluded, having sex on it can be a rush. The thrill that you might get caught or seen is exciting.
  1. Have sex on the beach. It may be cliché, but having sex on the beach during your honeymoon can be adventures and fun. Like with sex on the balcony, the real thrill of sex on the beach is risky. You can be caught quite easily or, at the very least, be seen by others on the beach! If you’re going to have sex on the beach, make sure you do a bit of planning. Choose a fairly secluded area and make sure that you can exit quickly (ie, you don’t want to be totally naked if the police show up!). Remember also that sex on the beach will be sandy, so be prepared to take a shower afterward.
  1. Have sex in the shower. Sure, you can do that at home, but chances are that your honeymoon suite has a big shower, complete with a fancy bathtub. Maybe there’s even a private hot tub in your room. Sex in these places is exciting because it is something that you can’t easily do at home. It’s your honeymoon – live it up a little!
  1. Use restraints and blindfolds. If you’ve never tried bondage play before, you don’t know what you are missing. Silk scarves to tie you or your new spouse to the bed can be hot. Talk to your sweetheart about it and work with his or her comfort level. As your partner is tied to the bed, you get to have your way with him or her, bringing about intense pleasure. While this is something you can also do at home, most couples simply don’t. So, try it on your honeymoon.
  1. Join the mile-high club. Lastly, before you head home, make sure that you explore all of your sexual possibilities, including joining the mile-high club. This won’t work on every airplane, as smaller cabins don’t give you the opportunity to go unnoticed, but if you’re flying internationally, you should have more than enough chances to join your spouse in the restroom for a little rendezvous. Be respectful of other fliers by working quickly and being fairly quiet and you won’t get caught.


The key to any honeymoon is to make it special. Although you don’t have to spend your entire trip in bed with your new spouse, sex is a really important part of the honeymoon and should be treated as such. Plan a few special ways to enjoy your time together instead of relying on old stand-bys. An adventurous spirit can help take your honeymoon experience to the next level!





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