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6 Reasons to Wait
for Your Wedding Night

Honeymoons are about more than just sex. However, getting to know your groom or bride intimately is definitely one of the most fun parts! But in this day and age, how many newlyweds are actually virgins going into the ceremony? Whether you and your spouse are virgins, you can wait to have sex until the big night. Even if you’ve already made love, you can stop having sex for a period of time before the wedding to give your honeymoon that “fresh” feeling. Waiting for your wedding night can be extremely rewarding – and here are six reasons why you should consider it:

1. It may not be appropriate for your premarital living conditions. Some engaged couples live together before marriage, but many do not. Are you among that group? If so, you more than likely have roommates or live with your family. In either case, having sex in those situations can be hard. Instead of being discourteous to the people living with you (no one likes to hear those steamy sessions happening in the next bedroom), wait until your wedding night. In addition, many parents do not approve of premarital intimacy, so if you’re living with mom and dad, it is best to respect their house rules.

2. Waiting until your wedding night can be personally rewarding. Many religions and moral teachings say that couples should not engage in sex until marriage. If you’re currently a virgin, holding off can be a challenge, but upholding your beliefs is a personal victory.  It’s only a little bit longer!

3. You’ll have no regrets. Not every engagement, unfortunately, ends in marriage. Sex is something that should be shared lovingly with another person, and by waiting until marriage, you can be sure that you’re giving your virginity to the person who really does matter most in your life.

4. You don’t want to pressure your soon-to-be spouse into something he or she doesn’t want to do. Although you may not necessarily be a virgin (or re-committed to the idea of waiting), your sweetheart may be. Respect that decision. It can be very tempting to press it when you’re in the heat of passion, but if your fiancé feels the next morning that it was a bad decision, it could cause unnecessary mental anguish during a time of your life that should be joyous and happy. You want to show your bride/groom that you’re in love, not just in lust, so if he or she wants to wait, that's okay.

5.  Sex leads to more than just orgasm in some cases. It can also lead to babies. Are you and your partner ready to commit to becoming parents? Even if you are, by waiting until marriage, you can ensure that any baby – accident or planned – that you bring into this world is coming into a stable, loving environment. Remember, accidents do happen.

6. Waiting until the honeymoon can help to build up your desire for one another. If you have sex every night, your wedding may not be special. Time can help to build up desire. Your wedding night should be a night of deep passion and sensuality, and if you wait, you won’t be able to keep your hands off of your new spouse. Even if you’re not a virgin, a bit of abstinence before the wedding can help you build up a very strong desire.


For some couples, sex is a fundamental part of the relationship, so abstaining until marriage can put a tremendous strain on the engagement during a time that is already stressful enough with wedding planning.  Therefore, in this case the benefits of abstaining are not great enough so you would be better off continuing to make love.  Then perhaps you might choose to abstain only in the days directly leading up to the wedding day.




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